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2. Milo of Descendents and Punk Rock Karaoke have released a dickies cover. The CDG format (also called CD+G or MP3+G) is suitable for most karaoke machines. Likewise, would Radiohead ever have been able to become Radiohead without that angsty refrain of "you're so fucking special" in 1994? Please consider adding: Still pining for your ex when friends drag you to karaoke night? Rage Against the Machine – Testify, Sleep Now in the Fire, Killing in the Name, Freedom, P.O.D. There are about 80 unique words in the lyrics to Pharrell's feel-good smash, but it feels like about 10. When everyone else is screaming out pop hits like cans of spray cheese gone amok, class up the joint with Patsy Cline’s mournful country classic, written for her by Willie Nelson in 1961. The song is available on Song Service under Classici '60. – The Cranberries: Zombie, Linger There’s a reason Elvis’ version is remembered over Mark James’ anemic original: The King understood that this is a song that needs to be bellowed, and legions of drunk karaoke enthusiasts have been doing exactly that for decades. Did you know that in 1990, "Hold On" bumped Madonna's "Vogue" off the top spot of the Billboard charts? Dude – those are awesome songs! But "Sweet Child o' Mine," the band's only U.S. No. 5 out of 5 stars. Stan Lee of The Dickies, Greg Hetson of Circle Jerks, Darrin … I can rock that like a wild orgasm in a hot summer day cooled in a sweet lake and nestled in silky sheets under the shimmering sky. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, throw a pie in their face.—Bryan Kerwin, Just the sound of those opening piano chords is enough to send anyone with ears into a swoon, such is the singular beauty of this 1967 Goffin and King classic. You must be awake. Thanks for subscribing! Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi (Originally Performed By Rokes) [Karaoke Version][1966] MP3 Song from the album Karaoke Italia 1960-1969 Vol. “Jersey” and I frequent Tin Roof SD for Rock Out Karaoke and would love it if you could add “Warrior” to your repertoire. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Huh? Sassy ladies (and hey, gents too), your moment has arrived! Kevin Richardson—BSB's “The Old One”—perceptively nailed the song's appeal with his assessment: "There are a lot of songs out there that don't make sense, but make you feel good when you sing along to them, and that's one of them." When that opening calliope riff hits, everyone in the bar will know you’ve just cued up Smokey’s timeless ode to weepy bedroom solitude. You can gunter glieben glauten globen over any damn one you please. I know! Before you break into one of her most memorable tracks, you’ll probably want to wait until everyone at the bar is at least a couple drinks in, just to ensure that everyone is movin’ their hips and shakin’ their heads (like, yeah) when you all start belting out the chorus.—Zach Long, If singing isn’t your strongest suit—but you’re fantastic at jumping around and getting everybody pumped—then fire up this early aughts favorite. Try it free! - Yalp More so than his Doobie Brothers gems, this 1982 bedroom jam offers a plethora of McDonald vocal tics, oodles of vowel schmears and breathy trembling. Karaoke. Looking for other midi karaoke of Rokes, look at the page dedicated to him Click here for all midi karaoke of Rokes (Don’t worry the link opens in another page, this page will not disappear). Sing it like a queen, or not at all.—Sophie Harris. Okay, so this song made its name on its monster guitar riff. The CDG format (also called CD+G or MP3+G) is suitable for most karaoke machines. This title is a cover of Blame It on the Love of Rock and Roll as made famous by Bon Jovi. 2010 Preview SONG TIME Desperately Wanting (Karaoke) 1. The lyrics demand a carefree, no-hold-barred attitude, and Tom’s instantly recognizable guitar riff is sure to make the bar scream like it’s everyone's 6th grade dance all over again. The audience will know immediately what you are singing, and they will respond, "No, no, no!" 4:36 PREVIEW Electrolite (Karaoke) 2. Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi (Karaoke Version Originally Performed By Rokes) MP3 Song from the album Karaoke Italia Vol. Play song with guitar, piano, bass, ukulele. or. Nearly every list of the best songs ever recorded has “Be My Baby” somewhere near the top, and deservedly so. Released in 1975, this song was his first charting single, the one that laid the foundation for decades of battered blue jeans and working-class anthems. Your Show Calendar says you are going to perform at 710 Beach Club on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016. And all these years later, a well delivered “Tramps like us / Baby we were born to run” will still slay a crowd. We are not pop stars. Guarda altri video. Dusty’s Son of a Preacher Man Chords: A, C#, C#m, B, E, D, Dm, F#. Of course you did! He has a voice like a lumberjack's beard after eating a bucket of fried chicken, both scruffy and oily. You must be able to read. . That riff, a cross between a sitar and a revving dirt bike, is the most recognizable thing about the song. You don’t need a great voice to knock it out of the park (though it helps), so try selecting something funny (“Love Shack”), romantic (“Let’s Stay Together”), heart-warming (“Stand by Me”), epic, joyous or sentimental to sing—either by yourself or with a duet partner. -Alanis Morisette: Ironic The Rokes è il nome inventato da Ray "Johnny" Charlton, chitarra solista di un gruppo musicale beat inglese attivo negli anni sessanta in Italia che letteralmente significa scorie metalliche, o paglia da scoria. EXPERIENCE THE ART OF COCKTAIL - HIGH END COCKTAILS & SPIRITS in NAXOS since 2002 - NAXOS ON THE ROCKS - THE BAR, that offers you havana cigars & shisha smoking, different legendary, frozen & fresh fruit daiquiri, a wide range of caribbean rum, original mojito & caipirinha, and absinth for the bohemian ritual, as well as lots of happy hours at the cuban night, the karaoke nite & … It starts with your nuts in a bunch, full-on Banshee, before letting you really chew into the Brit and the Busker on the "Where do we go now?" Overnight, the Bee Gees were toxic commercially. WE ARE BACK Use 6667 to login, everything should be the same, except for the nickname register, with the latest software it uses a different database format and we couldn't save the old database to new. It includes an MP3 and synchronized lyrics. "I wish I had more I could give these guys four thumbs up." The Rokes 'C'e' una strana espressione nei tuoi occhi' Segnala. The dark nature of the tune gets lost in the neon glow of the guitars—much like how we are now foolishly nostalgic for dangerous late-'70s New York—and Debbie Harry's gender-swap vocals. It's cheesy and effective, like Cruise himself. We’ve assembled a list of the best karaoke songs ever, from raucous party songs you can sing while tipsy to tender love songs for serenading your boo. There's that perfect bassline, swiped from "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie, Ice's ludicrous braggadocio ("Quick to the point to the point no fakin' / Cookin' MCs like a pound of bacon") and, of course, that dance routine with those pants. -- Conrad R. Rock Out Karaoke Named Best Karaoke in San Diego. Klein Ortega. Basi Karaoke The Rokes Midi Karaoke: su Songservice trovi tutte le basi di The Rokes in Midi Karaoke, pronte per il download e per le tue performance musicali. ITmYOUsic. Rock Out Karaoke is San Diego’s best live music performance group, combining the raw power of a live rock band with the fun of audience participation, where individual singers take center stage with the live band! Place that order for lemon and honey tea beforehand. Better plan ahead though if you want to match the tune in your best André “Ice Cold” 3000 green get-up.—Tolly Wright. had a blast ! -- Austin D. "Being able to belt out your favorite tunes in a bar full of drunks with a live band backing you up is about as Rock Star as it gets." San Diego Karaoke Song List. -Pistol Annie’s: Hell on Heels Did you know that Wilson Phillips' debut album sold more than 10 million copies? Segui. C’mon now. moopa6. Chords: F, Am, Gm, C, D, A#m, G, A. can you guys add Cinderella “nobody’s fool” and Def Lepeard “Love Bites”? Rock Out Karaoke is San Diego’s best live music performance group, combining the raw power of a live rock band with the fun of audience participation, where individual singers take center stage with the live band! There are few requirements involved in performing the Beastie Boys’ brazen ode to youthful rebellion. ("Frightened of this thing that I've become," something about "[blessing] the rains," etc.) Can you twerk? (C’mon now San Diego) – Southtown, Rock the Party, Alive, Boom. Time to re-create the magic. Plus, there are so many different remixes of this track—featuring folks like Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and members of South Korean boy band BTS—that you could probably sing multiple versions in a single night.—Zach Long. for sopranos. TG 21.12.11 Fa freddo, anzi freddissimo, ma è solo arrivato l'inverno. I Wanna Rock Karaoke - Twisted Sister. Download the MP3 Multitrack of C'è Una Strana Espressione Nei Tuoi Occhi originally from The Rokes. Karaoke night is here! This sultry, defiant ’60s pop staple is among the crowning jewels of Sinatra's glittering collaborations with songwriter Lee Hazlewood and works best in performance when its singer is backed up by a troupe of go-go dancers. The Rokes - Che colpa abbiamo noi. Blame It on the Love of Rock and Roll Karaoke - Bon Jovi. Once an unknown karaoke singer, Paul the Rock God is now Canada's fastest growing celebrity! Or with wet pants. Buy the album for $1.38. Scarica la base Karaoke MP3 Personalizzata di Piangi Con Me (Let's Live For Today) dellâ interprete originale The Rokes. Formats included: CDG MP4 WMV KFN ? Scarica la base karaoke MP3 Personalizzata di C'è Una Strana Espressione Nei Tuoi Occhi dell'interprete originale The Rokes. Below, you’ll find plenty to pick from. Accordi: F, Am, Gm, C, D, A#m, G, A suona con la chitarra, il basso, il pianoforte, la tastiera, l'ukulele. All killer, no filler. The simple melody doesn’t require vocal pyrotechnics, so this is good choice for less showy singers. Her favorite song is “Saliva – Always” which I would love to perform for her. Professional quality. Not Now. No more Incubus or Red Hot Chili Pepper songs? I look forward to a great time. Can you add any of these!? about 56 times. If you answered no, please pass the mike to someone bolder or more inebriated. Wrap a heavy coat around your head, jump up there, clap and sing, "Because I'm happy!" Ronnie Spector was rock & roll’s first bad girl, so pay your respects by putting this gem in the karaoke queue. Songs start at $0.69. The whole thing makes the achingly lonely search for a dance floor soulmate sound like the best Friday night ever. No, we will not let you go!” “Let him go!”) to Wayne’s World–style head-thrashing.—Adam Feldman, The concept of giving your number to someone and having them actually call you was already extremely quaint when Canadian singer-songwriter Carley Rae Jepsen released this infectious single in 2011, but that didn’t stop her rise to pop stardom. 522 were here. Colored background \ Black background. 0:25. -- Tamara G. "These guys are innovators and trendsetters, and I hope the trend is here to stay!" Find the nearest arboreal equivalent (most likely some formica paneling) and go for it.—Andrew Frisicano. The Rokes. Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Rock Around the Clock (Karaoke Version) - Single, including "Rock Around the Clock (Karaoke Version)," and "Rock Around the Clock (Lead Vocal Version)." è un motore di ricerca di basi karaoke. You might need a couple ringers on stage to help with the Kate and Cindy parts of this 1989 chorus, but they'll never steal the spotlight from your sassy barking.—Brent DiCrescenzo, The simple chord progression and the restrained vocals in the beginning of Clarkson’s 2004 hit make for one of the greatest buildups to a powerhouse chorus is pop music. The song rhymes "tramp" with "video vamp." I’ll even bring my bass.. Love what you guys do! Save it for when you’re four drinks in and ready to make the crowd deeply uncomfortable. Formats included: CDG MP4 WMV KFN ? Phil Spector’s studio magic made the song a pop touchstone, but Ronnie’s spunky charm makes it a karaoke classic. Karaoke in Lima, Peru. File this one firmly under "utterly ridiculous," and enjoy every juicy second of it, from the deep-voiced "jitterbug" intro to the seemingly nonsensical chorus (George Michael told an interviewer back in the day that the line was lifted from a note Andrew Ridgeley left for his parents) via its ecstatic pop grooves. Enter a song title and / or the name of an artist in the box on the left below and click on the "Search" button, or if you just know parts of the lyrics to a song you can try the search on the right instead. It's like Run-D.M.C. That scene is the genesis for every impulse to dial up this doo-wop in a karaoke parlor, because a 1986 fighter-jet movie remains more relevant than blue-eyed balladry produced by Phil Spector half a century ago. There’s a decent chance that you already know the repetitive lyrics to this ’80s bop built around a pair of intersecting synthesizer riffs, so hold your head up and sing it loud.—Zach Long, A hip-hop-inflected cover of Roberta Flack’s interpretation of a ballad by ’70s singer-songwriter Lori Lieberman (inspired her experience at concert headlined by “American Pie” troubadour Don McLean), this hit by the Fugees works best if you’ve got a whole lot of confidence or a killer set of pipes. Bisogna saper perdere : 11 versions par 3 artistes, Lucio Dalla, The Rokes, Italian Hitmakers ", Who are we to disagree with the power of one of Annie Lennox’s most prominent new wave anthems, written with musical partner Dave Stewart in the wake of the demise of their former band, The Tourists. With its catchy, jing-jangle verses, kicker of a chorus and ever-appealing girl-power vibe, it provided Perry with her best song since “Teenage Dream,” and it’ll provide you with a surefire karaoke-night hit. Yes, the song is so stupid in so many ways, but it's also a stone-cold specimen of pristine pop. Page Transparency See More. This super slinky 1998 number was guaranteed to be a hit for its singers—pitched as an "answer song" to MJ and Paul McCartney's 1982 duet "The Girl Is Mine," it played off the supposed rivalry between the two female R&B; stars. Scoperti da Teddy Reno, al tempo manager di Rita Pavone, si presentarono per la prima volta al pubblico italiano al Festival di Ariccia, riscuotendo un clamoroso successo. 311 for duets!! (For next week) haha We have a huge group coming next Wednesday to the tin roof event! La canzone è presente su Song Service nel genere musicale Classici '60. So much so that when Cat Power covered the tune in 2000, slicing off the refrain, it was a strange new poem about the anxiety of commercials and subliminal advertising. Right off the bat, you get the chorus: "They tried to make me go to rehab!" And very likely you loved every minute of the trio's cameo in the 2011 movie Bridesmaids, too. Contact us today if you’re looking for the best interactive entertainment you can get for your next event! Sing Rocks by Primal Scream with lyrics on KaraFun. Sobriety is to this tune what satanists are to gospel. Pleeeeeeease please please add some Heart! Does your band play there every Thursday night or just certain nights each month? As you stand there onstage, looking around the bar for packets of sugar to dump on your head for dramatic effect, the heretofore unrealized inanity of the lyrics really sinks in. The Rokes Midi Karaoke video testi e accordi. —Gabrielle Bruney, Whitney's 1987 smash remains an invigorating blast of lovelorn pop glory, her powerful, agile voice soaring effortlessly over spritely synths and funk-syncopated guitar. If you can’t think of a song that you’re comfortable singing, this new wave classic is simple enough that almost anyone can pull it off. All rights reserved. 26 Dicembre. 16. - Yalp "Roar" is proof that formulaic pop can truly be a beautiful thing. Formats included: CDG MP4 WMV KFN ? This topic is listed in Challenges & Themes - Completed.It has been viewed 23,273 times and 962 replies have been made. I’ve been begging for “Barracuda” for years now. Incubus – Are You In, Warning, Anna Molly, Stellar, 311 – All Mixed Up, Down, Creatures (For A While), You Wouldn’t Believe, anything really. Michael McDonald is the Christopher Walken of cocaine-dusted soft rock—everyone can (and loves to) do an impression of him, good or bad. i want to sing ” when you leave yhat way ” by confederatte railroad can you play it please!!! But when karaoked by, say, Kristen Bell on Veronica Mars? Looking for other midi karaoke of Rokes, look at the page dedicated to him Click here for all midi karaoke of Rokes (Don’t worry the link opens in another page, this page will not disappear). Take a look at all the songs that YOU can sing with the band*! To mimic it, pretend you are Chewbacca stepping into an ice bath up to your privates. Closed Now. “Everything” and/or “Just haven’t met you yet” by Michael Bublé

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